Underground L.A.

For years, the Los Angeles food scene could best be described like a drive through the desert…a desolate barren wasteland. Sure, we had great Mexican food and a few standouts, but for a metropolis of our size, those gems had to be searched for. Luckily our fair city has not only caught up with the rest of the country, but is now one of the most exciting and diverse. From Michelin Stars to celebrity chefs to food trucks turned brick and mortar, the Los Angeles foodscape is constantly evolving into an effulgent array of deliciousness!

Several of the best eats in the city are hiding in plain sight. An unmarked door may lead to a meat lovers smorgasbord, while an unassuming apartment in Glendale may turn out some of the best craft cocktails this city has seen. Some of the most exciting, eclectic and vibrant offerings are underground. Today I’m letting you know about a few of my favorites.

Disco Dining Club – With a motto of “Consume Everything”, Disco Dining Club is the brainchild of Courtney Nichols. What started as a dinner party in her backyard two years ago has grown into this glamorous hedonistic lesson in appreciating excess…music, food, decadence. January’s second anniversary event featured a Faberge theme that rivaled the shimmering magnificence of the Romanov dynasty. Part theatrics, part disco, all fun! Guests sampled an ethereal mélange of oysters, caviar, duck. Their next event is Surrealist Edition LA. Subscribe to their mailing list at www.discodiningclub.com or follow them on Instagram @discodiningclub.

Trudy’s Underground BBQ – The last place you’d expect to find some of the best brisket on the West Coast would be a Studio City driveway.  Burt Bakman focuses on Texas style brisket and is perfecting those talents on a Chisholm Trail rig he fondly refers to as “Tootsie”. The meat is moist with an incredible smoke ring and the perfect amount of seasoning. Follow @Trudys_Underground_Barbecue on Instagram to find out when the next pick up will be available.

Wolvesmouth – Probably the hardest reservation in Los Angeles. No address, no phone and no way to get in other than wait for a coveted email. Wolvesmouth is a phenomenal pop-up from chef Craig Thornton and takes place as a multi-course dinner party in a Los Angeles apartment. There is no set menu and the freeform approach with no confines has helped fine tune abilities and produce amazing results. Thornton is a firm believer that creativity isn’t tied to a canvas or parchment or an instrument. His media of choice is food and his art, sublime!  Want a reservation…email info@wolvesmouth.com