What Will You Do Today: Discovering Los Angeles

Roaming the city one adventure at a time. 

I have been a realtor long enough to know that home is indeed what you make it. This is not just a matter of how you decorate your home, or landscape your yard, or sit around the dinner table as a family. It’s how you reach out into your community and become a part of that community. It’s how you learn to belong. It’s how you embrace adventure and joy and meaning in the city you call home. It’s how you find not just a home, but a life. 

One proud Angleno's guide to the city he loves.

Featured Trip of the Week: The Getty Museum (it's about time) 

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My Mission:

Living in Los Angeles is living proof that you find exactly what you’re looking for. And, yes, it’s easy to be cynical. To see everything through jaded lenses. Earthquakes. Drought. Smog. Crowded traffic. Impersonal, shallow, indifferent. 

I won’t argue. All of them are true, and maybe even truer when you’re caught in bumper to bumper traffic on a Sunday morning.

But here’s the thing. All good cities need to be met half way. They need to be unearthed and discovered. 

I have lived in Los Angeles my whole life. There is no other city like it. 

Rivers. Lakes. National Parks. The Pacific Ocean. Architectural wonders. Hip street culture. World class museums. Taco stands. Glitz. Glamor. Sports. Music. Entertainment. There is something for everybody, all wrapped up in 310 days of sunshine a year.  We might as well turn off our sprinklers and enjoy it.  I

Join me as we step out of our beautiful homes and become bold and adventurous.

To start enjoying the place we call home.